Fabrika is Egypt’s first Multibrand service to Buy, Sell, & Trade-in Preowned Cars

GB Auto has launched Fabrika in 2014 to help customers buy, sell in cash or installments., or replace their used cars i We offer them to trade in their used car for a new or another used one without being limited to any particular make or model. We Buy, Sell, & Trade in all Brands and Models... At Fabrika, we purchase and sell all makes and models of used cars.Through our multibrand dealership, you can also trade in your old car for a new or a pre-owned car. Wide Range of Used Cars from Various Brands and Models...

Fabrika stocks an excellent selection of high-quality pre-owned cars from all kinds of popular and trusted manufacturers at the best prices. Whether you are looking for a used hatchback or sedan or maybe SUV or 4x4, you will find everything you could possibly need under one roof! Buy a Preowned Car as Good as New... You can get peace of mind buying top-quality used cars from a trusted place Fabrika. All our preowned cars are subject to an intensive 192 point quality inspection that overlooks all its aspects. In addition, our well-trained technicians have reconditioned all our displayed cars to meet our quality standards of mechanical, electrical, comfort, and safety conditions. Sell your Old Car with Confidence...At Fabrika, we buy all makes and models at fair prices.

Our professional team will look over your car and perform an appraisal based on its condition, features, and other factors, then provide you with a competitive price that reflects its market value. Trade-in your Car for a New or another Used One... No matter the make and model of your old car, you can exchange it with any of our pre-owned ones. Also, you can trade-in your used car for a brand new Hyundai, Mazda, Geely Emgrand, or Chery. Pay with Cash or Finance with “Drive”... You can buy a used car in cash or installments through “Drive”, GB Auto’s financial arm, which offers a variety of financing options to suit all needs. Drive provides financial assistance to everyone, even housewives, professionals, self-employed, and pensioners. The financing programs are flexible in terms of repayment period. Also, they are fast and have accurate procedural requirements. Fast, Easy, and Hassle Free... Our professional team will prepare all the necessary documents quickly and easily. At Fabrika, we will take care of you!


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GB Ghabbour Auto: An Egyptian Success Story GB Auto is the leading player in the automotive industry in Egypt. Over the years, GB Auto’s ultimate goal has been to provide its customers with state-of-the-art services that make life more enjoyable and convenient. Diversity in Action: Business UnitsThe company’s business is focused on automotive assembly, manufacturing, retail & distribution, financing and after-sales services, including vehicle servicing and related products. With an extensive workforce of 10000 employees, Ghabbour Auto operates through six business units that cover every aspect of the automotive market: passenger cars, two and three wheelers, commercial vehicles & construction equipment, tires, lubricants, and financing businesses.A Portfolio of Success: Our Brands Today, the company’s portfolio of partners includes the leading global brands of Hyundai, Mazda, Geely Emgrand, Chery, Bajaj, Marcopolo, Karry, Iveco Chassis, Volvo, Fuso Mitsubishi, SDLG, AKSA, YTO, SINO, Lassa, Yokohama, Westlake, Triangle, Diamondback, Grandstone, Goodyear, and Gazpromneft, with more to follow as part of its expansion drive. It has also launched Fabrika, Egypt’s first fully trusted multi-brand used car dealership to meet the ever-demanding needs of the market for trusted and reliable used-car dealership. Its financing line of business includes GB Lease (financial leasing), Mashroey (asset-based lending to eligible microfinance clients), Drive (factoring), Haram Tourism Transport (car rental on a quasi-operational leasing basis), and Tasaheel (microfinance).