Frequently Asked Questions

No problem. We carry out a history check on every vehicle we take in part-exchange - if there is finance outstanding we can help you sort this out. This can be a complicated process but our sales team will lead you through each step and explain everything in detail.
No, quite often customers want a smaller or an older car and in these cases we can give you payment for any difference we agree.
Yes, again there are many combinations but we are happy to do whatever suits you.
Sometimes very old cars or those that will not run can be worth very little but we still take them in part-exchange. This solves the problem of you having to dispose of them.
Yes, or a Fiat in part-exchange for a Toyota? Or a Saab in exchange for a Lexus? Or any other marque.
As long as the vehicle’s owner or anyone else with an obligation signed from the vehicle’s owner is available to sign the sales contract that’s fine.
Yes, we will be pleased to take your old car as trade in.
Yes, we will buy your old car without a trade in.
Your car is appraised by our professional team of appraisers then priced against the current market value.
We will pay cash for most single vehicle direct purchases upon completion of all required paperwork.
Providing all documentation is in place and completed the payment process will take approximately two hours.
Selling your Car: 1) Valid personal ID 2) Age and condition of the vehicle you are buying 3) Valid License (min. 1 month validity) 4) Fine Check (valid for 14 days) 5) Sales Contract registered in Notary (in name of “Fabrika used cars”) 6) Vehicle Data Certificate (shows car ownership history).
Certified Pre-owned (CPO) means that the vehicle has been through our stringent checking policy including our 192 point vehicle check and meets the very highest of standards.
We buy most makes and models of vehicles subject to the age and condition.
The type and length of warranty are dependent on the vehicle that you are purchasing; the warranty is in line with manufacturer recommendations.
We do used car financing subject to status, age and condition of the vehicle you are buying.